The Independent Appeals Service (IAS) is now known as the Appeals Service (AS) and you will be redirected to their website

Independent Revenue Collection and Support

Welcome to the Independent Revenue Collection and Support (IRCAS) website.

This website has been designed to help passengers who have been issued with either a Penalty Fare or Unpaid Fare Notice.

You can find information about both types of notices, about how to securely pay a balance or about how to appeal against the issue of a notice. You can also use this website to find out more about the rules and regulations under which Transport Providers issue these notices.

In addition, our Document Library, Links to other websites and our section on Frequently Asked Questions will offer you further sources of reference that we hope you may find helpful.

When using this website you may be asked to enter information from your penalty fare or unpaid fare notice receipt and you will therefore find it helpful to have a copy of your notice at hand before proceeding further.